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1973 film by John Huston


Paul Newman
American actor and film director (1925–2008)
James Mason
English actor (1909–1984)
Harry Andrews
English actor (1911–1989)
Ian Bannen
Scottish character actor and occasional leading man (1928-1999)
Nigel Patrick
British actor and director
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Michael Hordern
British actor (1911–1995)
Peter Vaughan
English actor (1923-2016)
Roland Culver
actor (1900-1984)
Percy Herbert
British actor (1920-1992)
Noel Purcell
Irish film, television actor
Hugh Manning
British actor (1920-2004)
Niall MacGinnis
Irish actor
Shane Briant
British actor
Leo Genn
British actor (1905-1978)
Donal McCann
Irish actor
Eric Mason
British actor (1927-2010)
John Bindon
English actor and bodyguard (1943-1993)
Jenny Runacre
British actress
Eddie Byrne
Irish actor