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1945 film by Michael Curtiz


Rosalind Russell
American actress (1907–1976)
Jack Carson
Canadian-born American-based film actor
Alan Hale
actor, film director (1892-1950)
Andrea King
Stage, film, and television actress
Ann Doran
actress (1911-2000)
Mona Freeman
American actress (1926-2014)
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Ray Collins
American actor (1889-1965)
John Qualen
Canadian-American actor of Norwegian origin (1899-1987)
Robert Hutton
American actor (1920-1994)
Sig Arno
German-born stage and film actor
Arthur Shields
Irish actor
John Mylong
actor (1892-1975)
Frank Darien
actor (1876-1955)
Blossom Rock
American actress
Craig Stevens
American actor (1918-2000)
Eddie Acuff
American actor
Joyce Compton
American film actress (1907-1997)
Irving Bacon
American character actor (1893-1965)
Charles Sullivan
American actor (1899-1972)
Walter Baldwin
American actor (1889-1977)
Pierre Watkin
actor (1889-1960)
Ferris Taylor
American actor (1888-1961)
Emmett Vogan
actor (1893-1969)
Cyril Ring
American film actor (1892-1967)
Charles Pearce Coleman
Australian American film and television actor (1885-1951)
Frank Puglia
Italian film actor (1892-1975)
Hobart Cavanaugh
American actor (1886-1950)
John Alvin
American film, stage, and television actor (1917-2009)
Paul Panzer
German-American silent film actor
Andy Clyde
Scottish/American actor (1892-1967)
Helene Thimig
Austrian actress (1889-1974)
Donald Woods
Canadian-born American film and television actor (1906-1998)
Kathleen Lockhart
English actress (1894-1978)
Ann E. Todd
American actress (1931-2020)
Lynn Baggett
American actress
Mickey Kuhn
American actor
Eily Malyon
British character actress (1879-1961)
Lee Phelps
actor (1893-1953)
Francis Pierlot
actor (1875-1955)
Johnny Sheffield
American actor (1931-2010)
Russell Simpson
American actor (1880-1959)