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1985 film by Bruce Beresford


Richard Gere
American actor
Edward Woodward
British actor (1930-2009)
Alice Krige
South African actress and producer
George Eastman
Italian actor
Niall Buggy
Irish actor
Jack Klaff
South African actor, academic, writer
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Denis Quilley
British actor (1927-2003)
Cherie Lunghi
English film, television and theatre actress
Hurd Hatfield
actor (1917-1998)
Gina Bellman
British actress
Tomás Milián
Cuban-born American and Italian actor
David de Keyser
British actor
Jean-Marc Barr
French-American actor and director
Aïché Nana
Turkish actress, dancer and stripper of Armenian origin (1936-2014)
Christopher Malcolm
Scottish television and film actor, director and producer
David Graham
British actor
John Castle
British actor
John Hallam
1941–2006; Northern Irish character actor
Marino Masé
Italian film actor
Valentine Pelka
British actor
Jason Carter
British actor
Lorenzo Piani
Italian actor
Michael Müller
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