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1943 film by Clarence Brown


Mickey Rooney
American film actor (1920-2014)
James Craig
actor (1912-1985)
Marsha Hunt
American film, theater, and television actress
Fay Bainter
American actress (1893-1968)
Ray Collins
American actor (1889-1965)
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Van Johnson
American film and television actor and dancer
Donna Reed
American film and television actress (1921-1986)
Alan Baxter
American actor
Albert Conti
Austrian actor (1887-1967)
Barry Nelson
American actor
Clem Bevans
American actor (1879-1963)
Ernest Whitman
American actor (1893-1954)
Frank Craven
American film actor, writer, director
Henry O'Neill
American film actor
Lynne Carver
actress (1916-1955)
Mary Nash
American actress (1884-1976)
Ann Ayars
actor; The Youngest Profession (1918-1995)
Clancy Cooper
American actor (1906-1975)
Byron Foulger
actor (1899-1970)