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1934 film by Jack Conway


Jean Harlow
American film actress (1911–1937)
Lionel Barrymore
American actor, director, screenwriter (1878-1954)
Franchot Tone
American stage and film actor
Lewis Stone
actor from the United States (1879-1953)
Patsy Kelly
American actress (1910-1981)
Alan Mowbray
British actor
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Charles Pearce Coleman
Australian American film and television actor (1885-1951)
Charles Williams
American actor and screenwriter (1898-1958)
Clara Blandick
American actress
Hale Hamilton
American actor (1879-1942)
Henry Kolker
actor, Film director
Nat Pendleton
Olympic wrestler and actor
Wyndham Standing
actor (1880-1963)
Dennis O'Keefe
American actor
Fuzzy Knight
actor (1901-1976)
Douglas Fowley
actor (1911-1998)
Pat Flaherty
American baseball player
Frank Marlowe
American actor (1904-1964)
Charles C. Wilson
American actor (1894-1948)
George Magrill
actor (1900-1952)
Brooks Benedict
American actor (1896-1968)
Jack Cheatham
American actor (1894-1971)
Sidney Bracey
Australian-American actor (1877-1942)
Sidney D'Albrook
American actor (1886-1948)
Hank Mann
American actor
Alice Lake
actress (1895-1967)