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1952 American film by George Sidney


Stewart Granger
British actor (1913-1993)
Eleanor Parker
American actress (1922-2013)
Janet Leigh
American actress (1927-2004)
Mel Ferrer
American actor, film director and film producer
Henry Wilcoxon
actor of British West Indian origin (1905-1984)
Nina Foch
Dutch-born American actress (1924-2008)
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Richard Anderson
American actor
Lewis Stone
actor from the United States (1879-1953)
Robert Coote
British actor
John Dehner
American actor in radio, television, and films (1915-1992)
Carol Hughes
American actress (1910-1995)
Dorothy Patrick
Canadian-American actress (1921–1987)
Elisabeth Risdon
actress (1887-1958)
Howard Freeman
American actor
John Litel
1892–1972; American film and television actor
Richard Hale
American singer and character actor
John Crawford
American actor (1920-2010)
John George
Syrian-American actor (1898-1968)
Rex Reason
American actor (1928-2015)
Rhodes Reason
American actor (1930-2014)