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1941 film by King Vidor


Hedy Lamarr
Austrian-American actress and co-inventor of an early technique for spread sp...
Robert Young
American actor (1907-1998)
Ruth Hussey
actress (1911-2005)
Charles Coburn
American film and theater actor (1877-1961)
Van Heflin
actor (1908-1971)
Bonita Granville
actress (1923-1988)
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Leif Erickson
American stage, film, and television actor (1911-1986)
Maurice Costello
American actor and film director
Ava Gardner
American actress (1922-1990)
Grant Withers
American film actor (1905-1959)
Charles Halton
actor (1876-1959)
Fay Holden
American actress (1893-1973)
Frank Faylen
actor (1905-1985)
Phil Brown
American actor
Sara Haden
American actress
Douglas Wood
American actor (1880-1966)
Oliver Blake
American actor (1905-1992)
Sarah Edwards
American actress (1881-1965)
Byron Foulger
actor (1899-1970)