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1948 film by Norman Z. McLeod


Bob Hope
American comedian, actor, singer and dancer (1903–2003)
Jane Russell
American actress and model (1921-2011)
Robert Armstrong
American actor (1890-1973)
Charles Trowbridge
actor (1882-1967)
Chief Yowlachie
Native American actor from Yakima tribe in Washington state, known for playin...
Clem Bevans
American actor (1879-1963)
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Iris Adrian
actress (1912-1994)
Nestor Paiva
American actor (1905-1966)
Skelton Knaggs
English stage and film actor
Stanley Andrews
American actor (1891-1969)
Bobby Watson
actor (1888-1965)
Arthur Space
actor (1908-1983)
Harry Harvey
American actor (1901-1985)
Houseley Stevenson
actor (1879-1953)