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1951 film by George Sidney, Roger Edens


Kathryn Grayson
actress from the United States
Howard Keel
American actor and singer
Ava Gardner
American actress (1922-1990)
Joe E. Brown
American actor (1891–1973)
Agnes Moorehead
American actress (1900-1974)
Leif Erickson
American stage, film, and television actor (1911-1986)
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Linda Christian
Mexican actress
John Phillip Law
American film actor (1937-2008)
Anna Q. Nilsson
Swedish American actress (1888-1974)
William Tannen
American film director, producer and screenwriter
Marge Champion
American dancer, choreographer, and actress
Gower Champion
American actor and dancer
Ian MacDonald
American actor (1914-1978)
Marjorie Wood
British actress (1882-1955)
Regis Toomey
actor (1898-1991)
Robert Sterling
American actor
Louis Mercier
French actor