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1943 film by George Sidney


Kathryn Grayson
actress from the United States
Gene Kelly
American dancer, actor, singer, director, producer and choreographer (1912-1996)
Mary Astor
American actress and author (1906–1987)
John Boles
American actor (1895-1969)
Ben Blue
Canadian-American actor and comedian
Frances Rafferty
American actress (1922-2004)
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Mickey Rooney
American film actor (1920-2014)
Judy Garland
American actress, singer and vaudevillian (1922-1969)
Lena Horne
American singer, actress, civil rights activist and dancer (1917-2010)
Red Skelton
American comedian (1913–1997)
Ann Sothern
American actress (1909-2001)
Lucille Ball
American actress, comedian and businesswoman
Virginia O'Brien
American actress and singer (1919-2001)
Marilyn Maxwell
American actress
Margaret O'Brien
American film, television and stage actress
June Allyson
actress from the United States (1917-2006)
Cyd Charisse
American dancer and actress
Bob Crosby
American dixieland bandleader and vocalist (1913-1993)
Bryant Washburn
American actor (1889-1963)
Donna Reed
American film and television actress (1921-1986)
Eleanor Powell
Dancer, actress
Frank Jenks
American actor (1902-1962)
Frank Sully
American actor (1908-1975)
Gloria DeHaven
American actress and singer (1925-2016)
Marsha Hunt
American film, theater, and television actress
Odette Myrtil
Actress; businesswoman