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1961 British comedy film directed by Ralph Thomas and Gerald Thomas


Sid James
South African-born British character actor and comedy actor (1913-1976)
Kenneth Connor
English actor (1918-1993)
Charles Hawtrey
English film actor
Joan Sims
English actress
Kenneth Williams
English actor and comedian (1926-1988)
Bill Owen
British actor (1914-1999)
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Liz Fraser
English actress (1930–2018)
Terence Longdon
actor (1922-2011)
Stanley Unwin
British comedian
Hattie Jacques
English comedy actress of stage, radio and screen (1922-1980)
Joan Hickson
British actress (1906-1998)
Norman Rossington
British actor (1928-1999)
Esma Cannon
Sydney Tafler
British actor (1916-1979)
Julia Arnall
Austrian actress
Terence Alexander
British actor (1923-2009)
Betty Marsden
British actor and comedian (1919-1998)
Fenella Fielding
English actress (1927-2018)
David Lodge
British actor (1921-2003)
Jerry Desmonde
British actor (1908-1967)
Ambrosine Phillpotts
British actress (1912-1980)
Nicholas Parsons
British actor, rector and radio-TV presenter (1923-2020)
Cyril Chamberlain
British actor (1909–1974)
Cyril Raymond
British actor (1899-1973)
Eric Pohlmann
Austrian actor
June Jago
Michael Ward
English actor (1909-1997)
Judith Furse
British actress (1912-1974)
Howard Marion-Crawford
British actor (1914-1969)
Eric Boon
British boxer and actor (1919-1981)
Tom Clegg
British actor (1915-1996)
Freddie Mills
British boxer (1919-1965)
Joe Robinson
English actor (1927-2017)
Anthony Sagar
actor (1920-1973)
Kynaston Reeves
British actor (1893-1971)
Molly Weir
Scottish actress (1910-2004)
Patrick Cargill
English actor
Carole Shelley
British actress
Ed Devereaux
Australian actor, film director (1925-2003)
Victor Maddern
English actor (1928-1993)
Sally Geeson
British actress
Lucy Griffiths
British actress, born 1919
Michael Nightingale
British actor (1922-1999)
Denis Shaw
British actor (1921-1971)
Ian Wilson
British actor (1901-1987)