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1965 film by Terence Young


Kim Novak
American actress
Richard Johnson
English actor
Angela Lansbury
British-American actress and singer
Vittorio De Sica
Italian film director
Leo McKern
Australian actor
George Sanders
British film and television actor
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Lilli Palmer
actress (1914-1986)
Peter Butterworth
English actor
Noel Howlett
actor (1902-1984)
Cecil Parker
actor (1897-1971)
Daniel Massey
English actor and performer
Anthony Dawson
British actor (1916-1992)
Judith Furse
British actress (1912-1974)
Roger Livesey
British actor
Jess Conrad
British actor and singer
Noel Harrison
British Olympic athlete, actor, and singer (1934-2013)
Alexis Kanner
actor, director
Richard Wattis
actor (1912-1975)
Basil Dignam
English actor
Reginald Beckwith
British actor
Hugh Griffith
Welsh actor (1912-1980)
Liam Redmond
Versatile Irish actor