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1931 film by A. Edward Sutherland


Charlotte Greenwood
American dancer and actor
George Raft
American actor
Eddie Cantor
American actor, singer, dancer and comedian
Betty Grable
American model, actor, singer and dancer
Virginia Grey
American actress (1917-2004)
Toby Wing
American actress and showgirl (1915-2001)
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Spencer Charters
actor (1875-1943)
Harry Woods
American actor (1889-1968)
Busby Berkeley
American film director and musical choreographer (1895-1976)
Sam Lufkin
actor (1891-1952)
Paulette Goddard
American actress
Arthur Hoyt
actor (1874-1953)
Herbert Rawlinson
actor (1885-1953)
Edmund Mortimer
actor (1874-1944)
Wild Bill Elliott
American actor (1904-1965)