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1937 film by Alice O'Fredericks, Lau Lauritzen


Osvald Helmuth
Danish stage and film actor (1894-1966)
Asmund Rostrup
Danish actor (1915-1983)
Axel Schultz
Danish actor (1890-1974)
Ejner Bjørkman
Danish actor (1893-1963)
Tove Arni
Danish actress
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Tove Wallenstrøm
Danish actress
Lau Lauritzen
actor, Director, Studio Head
Buster Larsen
Danish actor (1920-1993)
Sigrid Horne-Rasmussen
Danish stage and film actress
Victor Borge
Danish-American comedian and musician
Aage Foss
Asta Hansen
Danish actress (1914-1962)
Bjørn Spiro
Danish actor
Connie Meiling
Danish actress
Erika Voigt
Danish actress
Lulu Ziegler
Danish actress
Christian Schrøder
Danish actor
Gunnar Lemvigh
Danish actor (1909-1979)
Valsø Holm
Danish actor
Ingeborg Pehrson
Danish actress (1886-1950)
Sigfred Pedersen
Danish painter and journalist (1903-1967)
Poul Reichhardt
Danish actor (1913-1985)
Per Gundmann
Danish actor
Sigurd Langberg
Danish actor (1897-1954)
Torkil Lauritzen
Danish actor
Arne Westermann
Danish actor
Jens Kjeldby
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Emilie Nielsen
Danish actress
Karl Goos
Danish actor (1898-1946)