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1964 Mexican film by Miguel M. Delgado


Luis Aguilar
Mexican actor and singer (1918–1997)
Lola Beltrán
Mexican singer, actress, and television presenter
Flor Silvestre
Mexican singer and actress (1930-2020)
René Cardona
Cuban-Mexican film director and actor
Emilio Fernández
Mexican film director and actor
Manuel Capetillo
Mexican bullfighter and film actor (born 1926)
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Cuco Sánchez
Mexican singer, songwriter, guitarist, and actor
Antonio Aguilar
Mexican singer, actor, equestrian, film producer, and screenwriter
Irma Dorantes
Mexican actress and singer
David Silva
Mexican actor
Arturo Martínez
Mexican actor, film director, screenwriter and film producer (1918-1992)
David Reynoso
Mexican actor (1926-1994)
Enrique Lucero
actor (1920-1989)
Emma Roldán
Mexican actress (1922-1978)
Jorge Mondragón
Mexican actor
María Elena Velasco
Mexican actress, comedian, singer-songwriter and dancer (1940-2015)
Jorge Russek
Mexican actor
Eleazar García
Mexican actor