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1972 film by Waris Hussein


Keith Michell
Austalian actor
Donald Pleasence
English actor (1919-1995)
Charlotte Rampling
British actress
Jane Asher
English actress, author, and entrepreneur
Frances Cuka
British actress (1936-2020)
Lynne Frederick
British actress (1954-1994)
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Barbara Leigh-Hunt
British actress
Michael Gough
English actor (1916-2011)
Michael Byrne
British actor
Zienia Merton
British actress (1945-2018)
Robin Sachs
British actor
Richard Warner
actor (1911-1989)
Bernard Hepton
British actor and theatre director (1925-2018)
Brian Blessed
English actor and comedian
Michael Goodliffe
English actor (1914-1976)
Peter Madden
British actor