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1930 film by Cecil B. DeMille


Kay Johnson
American actress (1904-1975)
Reginald Denny
British actor (1891-1967)
Lillian Roth
American actress, singer (1910-1980)
Roland Young
actor (1887-1953)
Theodore Kosloff
Russian-American ballet dancer, choreographer, actor (1882-1956)
Julanne Johnston
American actress (1900-1988)
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Wilfred Lucas
actor, Film director
Mary McAllister
American actress (1909-1991)
Rina De Liguoro
Italian actress (1892-1966)
Cecil B. DeMille
American film director (1881-1959)
Katherine DeMille
actress (1911-1995)
Albert Conti
Austrian actor (1887-1967)
Martha Sleeper
actress (1910-1983)
Tyler Brooke
actor (1886-1943)
Wallace MacDonald
Canadian actor and film producer
Ynez Seabury
American actress (1907-1973)
Mary Carlisle
American actress (1914-2018)
Allan Lane
actor (1909-1973)
Nora Lane
actress (1905-1948)
Ella Hall