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1950 film by Ray Enright


Audie Murphy
American soldier, actor, songwriter (1925-1971)
Scott Brady
American actor (1924-1985)
Tony Curtis
American film actor (1925-2010)
James Best
American actor, musician, artist (1926-2015)
Richard Egan
American actor
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Richard Long
American actor (1927-1974)
Buddy Roosevelt
actor and stunt man (1898-1973)
Dewey Martin
American actor (1923-2018)
George Chandler
American film and television actor (1898-1985)
Helen Gibson
Actress, stuntwoman, trick rider, film producer (1892-1977)
Marguerite Chapman
American actress (1918-1999)
Paul Baxley
American stunt coordinator (1923-2011)
Robert Anderson
American actor born 1923
Robert Anderson
American actor born 1923
John Kellogg
American actor (1916-2000)