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1950 film by Joseph L. Mankiewicz


Bette Davis
American film, television and stage actress (1908-1989)
Anne Baxter
American actress (1923-1985)
George Sanders
British film and television actor
Celeste Holm
American actress
Gary Merrill
film and television character actor from the United States (1915-1990)
Hugh Marlowe
American actor
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Thelma Ritter
American actress and vaudevillian
Gregory Ratoff
Russian-American actor, director and producer
Marilyn Monroe
American actress, model, and singer (1926-1962)
Barbara Bates
actress (1925-1969)
Walter Hampden
American actor (1879-1955)
Craig Hill
American actor (1926-2014)
Bess Flowers
American actress (1898-1984)
Snub Pollard
Australian actor (1889-1962)
Harold Miller
American actor (1894-1972)
Steven Geray
Hungarian film actor (1904-1973)
Jack Chefe
American actor (1894-1975)
Franklyn Farnum
American actor (1878-1961)