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1990 film directed by Francis Ford Coppola


Al Pacino
American stage and film actor and director
Andy Garcia
American actor and director
Diane Keaton
American film actress, director, producer and screenwriter
Eli Wallach
American film, television and stage actor (1915-2014)
Talia Shire
American actress
Sofia Coppola
American film director and screenwriter
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Joe Mantegna
American actor, producer, writer, and director
Richard Bright
American actor
George Hamilton
American actor
Enzo Robutti
Italian actor and voice actor
Raf Vallone
Italian actor (1916-2002)
Al Martino
American actor and singer (1927-2009)
Helmut Berger
Austrian film and television actor
John Savage
American actor
Franco Citti
Italian actor (1935-2016)
Mario Donatone
Italian actor
Vittorio Duse
Italian actor
John Cazale
American actor (1935-1978)
Valeria Sabel
Italian actress (1928-2009)
Sal Borgese
Italian film actor (b.1937)
Enrico Luzi
Italian actor and voice actor
Michael Bowen
American actor
Brett Halsey
American actor
Catherine Scorsese
American film actress (1912-1997)
Don Novello
American actor and director
Carmine Coppola
composer from the United States
Rick Aviles
American actor, stand-up comedian (1952-1995)
Ron Jeremy
American pornographic actor and filmmaker
Salvatore Billa
Italian actor and stuntman
Gia Coppola
American film director and screenwriter
Marino Masé
Italian film actor
Michele Russo
director and filmmaker
Mickey Knox
American actor, screenwriter, producer and novelist (1921-2013)
Donal Donnelly
Irish theatre and film actor (1931-2010)
Mimmo Cuticchio
Italian actor
Paco Reconti
Italian actor