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1940 film by Alfred Hitchcock


Laurence Olivier
British actor, director and producer (1907-1989)
Joan Fontaine
British American actress (1917-2013)
Judith Anderson
Australian stage and screen actress (1897-1992)
George Sanders
British film and television actor
Nigel Bruce
British actor (1895-1953)
Gladys Cooper
British actress (1888-1971)
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Reginald Denny
British actor (1891-1967)
C. Aubrey Smith
British actor (1863-1948)
Florence Bates
Actress; lawyer (1888-1954)
Leo G. Carroll
English actor
Forrester Harvey
Irish actor
Gino Corrado
actor (1893-1982)
Leonard Carey
British actor (1887-1977)
Lumsden Hare
actor, director (1874-1964)
Billy Bevan
actor (1887-1957)
Alfred Hitchcock
British film director and producer (1899-1980)
Edward Fielding
American actor (1875-1945)