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1945 film by Harold S. Bucquet


Spencer Tracy
American actor (1900-1967)
Katharine Hepburn
American actress (1907-2003)
Elliott Nugent
American actor, playwright, writer, and film director (1896-1980)
Lucille Ball
American actress, comedian and businesswoman
Keenan Wynn
American actor (1916-1986)
Carl Esmond
Austrian actor
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Patricia Morison
American stage and film actress (1915-2018)
Felix Bressart
film actor
Gloria Grahame
American actress (1923-1981)
George Chandler
American film and television actor (1898-1985)
Hazel Brooks
American actress (1924-2002)
Donald Curtis
American actor (1915-1997)
Clarence Muse
American actor
Eddie Acuff
American actor
James Flavin
American actor
Brooks Benedict
American actor (1896-1968)
Clancy Cooper
American actor (1906-1975)