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1992 film by Andrew Davis


Steven Seagal
American actor, martial artist, and film producer
Tommy Lee Jones
American actor and film director
Erika Eleniak
American-Canadian actress of Ukrainian descent
Gary Busey
American actor
Patrick O'Neal
American actor (1927-1994)
Damian Chapa
actor, film director
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Colm Meaney
Irish actor
Andy Romano
American actor
Dale Dye
American actor, presenter and businessman
Michael Des Barres
actor, singer
Nick Mancuso
Canadian actor
Raymond Cruz
American actor
Troy Evans
American actor
Kane Hodder
Horror film actor
Conrad Palmisano
American director
Bernie Casey
American actor (1939-2017)
George Cheung
Hong Kong actor
Dennis Lipscomb
American actor (1942-2014)
Duane Davis
American actor