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1975 British-American period drama film directed by Stanley Kubrick


Hardy Krüger
German actor
Ryan O'Neal
American actor
Marisa Berenson
Actress, model
Steven Berkoff
British actor, playwright, author and director
Patrick Magee
Northern Irish actor
Gay Hamilton
British actress
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Godfrey Quigley
Irish actor
Diana Körner
German actress
Murray Melvin
British actor
Leonard Rossiter
British actor (1926-1984)
Philip Stone
British actor
Leon Vitali
English actor
Marie Kean
Irish actress
André Morell
British actor (1909-1978)
Frank Middlemass
actor (1919-2006)
Liam Redmond
Versatile Irish actor
Michael Hordern
British actor (1911–1995)
Dominic Savage
British film director
Arthur O'Sullivan
Irish actor who appeared on stage, screen and radio.
Anthony Sharp
British actor (1915-1984)
Wolf Kahler
German actor (born 1940)
Ferdy Mayne
German actor (1916-1998)
Vivian Kubrick
American-born English filmmaker and composer
Hans Meyer
South African actor
John Bindon
English actor and bodyguard (1943-1993)
Pat Roach
British professional wrestler and actor (1937-2004)
Harry Towb
Northern Irish actor (1925-2009)
John Sharp
British television actor (1920-1992)
George Sewell
English actor
Barry Jackson
British actor (1938-2013)