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1936 film directed by Frank Capra


Gary Cooper
American actor (1901-1961)
Jean Arthur
George Bancroft
actor (1882-1956)
Lionel Stander
American actor in films, radio, theater and television (1908-1994)
Douglass Dumbrille
Canadian-American actor
H. B. Warner
English film and theatre actor
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Walter Catlett
American actor
John Wray
American character actor (1887-1940)
Ann Doran
actress (1911-2000)
Arthur Hoyt
actor (1874-1953)
Charles Lane
American actor (1905-2007)
George Meeker
American actor
Gino Corrado
actor (1893-1982)
Gustav von Seyffertitz
actor (1862-1943)
Irving Bacon
American character actor (1893-1965)
Joe Bordeaux
actor (1886-1950)
Margaret Seddon
American film actress (1872-1968)
Raymond Walburn
actor (1887-1969)
Ruth Donnelly
actress (1896-1982)
Warren Hymer
actor (1906-1948)
Dennis O'Keefe
American actor
Cecil Cunningham
Film actress (1888-1959)
Jameson Thomas
actor (1888-1939)
Mayo Methot
actress (1904-1951)
Billy Bevan
actor (1887-1957)
Franklin Pangborn
actor (1889-1958)
George "Gabby" Hayes
American actor (1885-1969)
Charles K. French
actor, director, screenwriter (1860-1952)
Bess Flowers
American actress (1898-1984)
Jack Mower
actor (1890-1965)
Charles Sullivan
American actor (1899-1972)
Emma Dunn
Harold Miller
American actor (1894-1972)
Pierre Watkin
actor (1889-1960)
James Millican
American actor
Stanley Andrews
American actor (1891-1969)
Paul Hurst
American actor and film director (1888-1953)
Charles C. Wilson
American actor (1894-1948)
Harry C. Bradley
American Actor (1869-1947)
William Irving
actor (1893-1943)
Edward Keane
actor (1884-1959)
Frank O'Connor
American actor (1881-1959)
Bert Moorhouse
American actor (1894-1954)
Jack Cheatham
American actor (1894-1971)
Edmund Mortimer
actor (1874-1944)
Edward LeSaint
American actor (1870-1940)
Barnett Parker
British actor (1886-1941)
Jay Eaton
American actor (1899-1970)
Eddie Kane
American actor (1889-1969)
Ellinor Vanderveer
American actress (1886-1976)
Hank Bell
actor (1892-1950)
Spencer Charters
actor (1875-1943)
George Cooper
actor (1892-1943)
Edward Gargan
American actor (1902-1964)
Margaret May McWade
American actress
Bud Osborne
American actor (1884–1964)