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1985 film by Barry Levinson


Nicholas Rowe
British actor
Alan Cox
British actor
Anthony Higgins
British actor
Sophie Ward
British actress
Roger Ashton-Griffiths
English actor, screenwriter and film director
Freddie Jones
English character actor
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Nigel Stock
British actor
Brian Oulton
British actor (1908-1992)
Susan Fleetwood
British actress (1944-1995)
Patrick Newell
British character actor
Vivienne Chandler
French actor and photographer
Walter Sparrow
English actor (1927-2000)
Nadim Sawalha
British-Jordanian actor
Michael Hordern
British actor (1911–1995)
Lockwood West
British actor (1905-1989)
Willoughby Goddard
British actor (1926-2008)
Nancy Nevinson
British actor (1918-2012)
Roger Brierley
English actor (1935-2005)
Fred Wood
English Actor (1922-2003)
John Scott Martin
British actor (1926-2009)
Donald Eccles
British actor (1908-1986)