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1931 short film directed by William C. McGann


Wallace Beery
American actor (1885-1949)
Buster Keaton
American actor and filmmaker
Edward G. Robinson
Romanian-American actor
Norma Shearer
Canadian-American actress
Joan Crawford
American actress (1904-1977)
Irene Dunne
American actress
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Loretta Young
American actress
Fay Wray
actress (1907-2004)
Gary Cooper
American actor (1901-1961)
Maurice Chevalier
French actor, singer and entertainer
Jack Hill
American actor (1887-1963)
Stan Laurel
English comic actor, writer and film director
Oliver Hardy
American comic actor famous as one half of Laurel and Hardy (1892-1957)
Polly Moran
Actress, vaudevillian (1883-1952)
Hedda Hopper
American actress, gossip columnist and radio personality
William Haines
American actor, interior designer (1900-1973)
Victor McLaglen
British-American actor (1886-1959)
Warner Baxter
American actor (1889-1951)
Claudia Dell
showgirl and actress of the stage and Hollywood motion pictures (1910-1977)
Lowell Sherman
actor, director (1885-1934)
Eugene Pallette
American actor (1889–1954)
Stuart Erwin
American actor of stage, film, and television (1903-1967)
Richard "Skeets" Gallagher
American actor (1891-1955)
Charles Rogers
American actor and jazz musician (1904-1999)
Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
American actor and United States naval officer (1909-2000)
Richard Barthelmess
American actor
Bebe Daniels
American entertainer (1901-1971)
Barbara Stanwyck
American actress
Jack Oakie
American actor
George "Gabby" Hayes
American actor (1885-1969)
Joe E. Brown
American actor (1891–1973)
Ben Lyon
American actor (1901-1979)
Bert Lytell
actor (1885-1954)
Charles Butterworth
American actor (1896-1946)
Edmund Lowe
American actor (1890-1971)
Fifi D'Orsay
film actress (1904-1983)
Frank Fay
American actor and comedian (1891-1961)
George E. Stone
American actor (1903-1967)
J. Farrell MacDonald
actor & Director (1875-1952)
Mitzi Green
American actress (1920-1969)
Robert Woolsey
American comedian
Winnie Lightner
actress (1899-1971)
El Brendel
American actor (1890-1964)