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1977 film by Marty Feldman


Marty Feldman
British author, actor, comedian and director (1934-1982)
Michael York
English actor
Swedish-American actress, singer, and dancer
Peter Ustinov
British actor, writer, and filmmaker (1921-2004)
James Earl Jones
American actor
Trevor Howard
English film, stage and television actor (1913-1988)
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Henry Gibson
American actor (1935-2009)
Roy Kinnear
British actor (1934-1988)
Spike Milligan
British-Irish comedian, writer, musician, poet, playwright, soldier and actor
British comedian and actor
Ted Cassidy
American actor (1932-1979)
Burt Kwouk
British actor (1930-2016)
Hugh Griffith
Welsh actor (1912-1980)
Sinéad Cusack
Irish stage, television and film actress
Avery Schreiber
American comedian