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1959 American drama film by Anatole Litvak


Deborah Kerr
Scottish film and television actress (1921-2007)
Yul Brynner
American actor (1920-1985)
Jason Robards
American actor (1922-2000)
Robert Morley
English actor (1908-1992)
E. G. Marshall
actor from the United States
Ron Howard
American film director, producer, and actor
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Anouk Aimée
French actress
Charles Régnier
German actor (1914-2001)
Anne Jackson
American actress
Gérard Oury
French director and actor
Marie Daëms
French actress
Maurice Sarfati
French actor
David Kossoff
British actor
Senta Berger
Austrian German actress
Kurt Kasznar
stage, film, and television actor (1913-1979)
Michael Janisch
Austrian actor (1927-2004)