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1935 film by Leo McCarey


Charles Laughton
English-born American stage and film actor and director (1899-1962)
ZaSu Pitts
actress (1894-1963)
Mary Boland
American actress
Charles Ruggles
American actor
Roland Young
actor (1887-1953)
Dell Henderson
Canadian actor and director
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Edward LeSaint
American actor (1870-1940)
Victor Potel
actor (1889-1947)
Armand Kaliz
American actor (1887-1941)
Clarence Wilson
American actor (1876-1941)
Harry Bernard
American actor (1878-1940)
James Burke
American actor (1886-1968)
Leila Hyams
American actress (1905-1977)
Lucien Littlefield
actor (1895-1960)
Maude Eburne
Canadian actress (1875-1960)
Willie Fung
Chinese actor
Frank Mills
American actor (1891-1973)
Sarah Edwards
American actress (1881-1965)
Frank O'Connor
American actor (1881-1959)
Frank Rice
actor (1892-1936)
George Burton
American actor (1898-1955)
Leota Lorraine
American film actor (1899-1974)
Carrie Daumery
American actress