Kate Hudson
American actress
Naomi Watts
British actress and film producer
Glenn Close
American actress
Thierry Lhermitte
French actor, director and screenwriter
Melvil Poupaud
French actor and film director
Stockard Channing
American actress
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Sam Waterston
American actor, producer and director
Jean-Marc Barr
French-American actor and director
Bebe Neuwirth
American actress
Matthew Modine
American actor
Leslie Caron
French-American actress and dancer
Thomas Lennon
American actor and screenwriter
Stephen Fry
British comedian, actor, writer, presenter, and activist
Anne Canovas
French actress
Catherine Samie
French actress
Daniel Mesguich
French actor
Françoise Brion
actress from France
Hélène Surgère
French actress
Humbert Balsan
French film producer (1954-2005)
Marie-Christine Adam
French actress
Nathalie Richard
French actress
Romain Duris
French actor
Rona Hartner
Romanian actress and singer
Samuel Labarthe
Swiss-French actor and voice actor
Valérie Lang
French actress
Jean-Pierre Bouvier
French actor
Micky Sébastian
French actress and voice actress
Pierre Aussedat
French actor