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1937 film by Rowland V. Lee


Edward Arnold
American actor (1890–1956)
Cary Grant
British-American actor (1904-1986)
Frances Farmer
American actress
Jack Oakie
American actor
Donald Meek
British actor (1878-1946)
Billy Gilbert
American comedian and actor
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Bryant Washburn
American actor (1889-1963)
Clarence Kolb
actor (1874-1964)
Gavin Gordon
American actor (1901-1983)
George Irving
American actor, director (1874-1961)
Joyce Compton
American film actress (1907-1997)
Mary Gordon
actress of Scttish descent, worked primarily in the US (1882-1963)
Oscar Apfel
actor, film director (1878-1938)
Robert Dudley
actor (1869-1955)
Russell Hicks
American actor (1895-1957)
Lionel Belmore
actor (1867-1953)
Stanley Fields
American actor (1883-1941)
Jack Carson
Canadian-born American-based film actor
Frank Darien
actor (1876-1955)
Jimmy Finlayson
actor (1887-1953)
Earl Dwire
actor (1883-1940)
Richard Alexander
actor (1902-1989)
Clem Bevans
American actor (1879-1963)
Jack Mulhall
actor (1887-1979)
Ethan Laidlaw
actor (1899-1963)
William Wagner
actor (1883-1964)
Jay Eaton
American actor (1899-1970)