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1934 film by Howard Hawks, John Waters, Jack Conway, William A. Wellman


Fay Wray
actress (1907-2004)
Wallace Beery
American actor (1885-1949)
Leo Carrillo
American actor, vaudevillian, political cartoonist, and conservationist
Stuart Erwin
American actor of stage, film, and television (1903-1967)
Henry B. Walthall
American actor (1878–1936)
Joseph Schildkraut
actor (1896-1964)
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Katherine DeMille
actress (1911-1995)
Frank Puglia
Italian film actor (1892-1975)
Henry Armetta
Italian-American actor (1888-1945)
Mischa Auer
Russian-born American actor
Emile Chautard
French actor (1864-1934)
Nigel De Brulier
English actor (1877-1948)
Tom Ricketts
actor (1853-1939)
Leo White
German-American actor
Noah Beery Jr.
American actor (1913-1994)
H. B. Warner
English film and theatre actor
Steve Clemente
Mexican actor
Harry Cording
British actor (1891-1954)
George Irving
American actor, director (1874-1961)
Leonard Mudie
British actor (1883-1965)
Gino Corrado
actor (1893-1982)
Francis McDonald
actor (1891-1968)
Donald Cook
American actor (1901-1961)
George E. Stone
American actor (1903-1967)
Georgios Regas
Greek-American actor
John Davidson
actor (1886-1968)
Brandon Hurst
English actor (1866-1947)
Clarence Wilson
American actor (1876-1941)
William von Brincken
German actor (1881-1946)
Arthur Treacher
English actor (1894–1975)