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1976 film by Herbert Ross


Nicol Williamson
Scottish actor
Robert Duvall
American actor and director
Alan Arkin
American actor, director, musician and singer
Georgia Brown
British actress and singer (1933-1992)
Samantha Eggar
English film, television and voice actress
Charles Gray
English actor (1928-2000)
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Jeremy Kemp
English actor
Joel Grey
American actor, singer, dancer, director, and photographer
Laurence Olivier
British actor, director and producer (1907-1989)
Vanessa Redgrave
British actress
RĂ©gine Zylberberg
Franco-Belgian actor and nightclub entrepreneur
Erich Padalewski
Austrian actor (1930-2018)
Jack May
English actor (1922-1997)
Anna Quayle
English actress (1932-2019)