Add to watched Ave Maria (1984)

1984 film by Jacques Richard


Anna Karina
Danish-French actress
FĂ©odor Atkine
French actor
Isabelle Pasco
French actress
Pascale Ogier
actress (1958-1984)
Agathe Vannier
French actress
Bernard Freyd
French actor
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Dennis Berry
Film director, actor, screenwriter (1944-2021)
Dominique Besnehard
French actor and film producer
Dora Doll
French actress
Elisabeth Grosz
French actress
Franck-Olivier Bonnet
Belgian actor
Jeanne Herviale
French actress (1908-1989)
Monick Lepeu
French actress
Philippe Castelli
French actor
Sacha Briquet
French actor (1930-2010)