Add to watched Pilgrimage (1933)

1933 film by John Ford


Henrietta Crosman
American actress (1861-1944)
Heather Angel
actress (1909-1986)
Marian Nixon
Norman Foster
American film director and actor (1903-1976)
Betty Blythe
ِAmerican actress
Charley Grapewin
American actor (1869-1956)
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Claude King
English character actor (1875-1941)
Francis Ford
actor, film director (1881-1953)
Greta Meyer
German actress
Hedda Hopper
American actress, gossip columnist and radio personality
Lucille La Verne
American actress
Robert Warwick
actor (1878-1964)
Sarah Padden
American actress (1881-1967)
Louise Carter
American actress
Bess Flowers
American actress (1898-1984)
Jack Mower
actor (1890-1965)
Frances Morris
American actress (1908-2003)
Mary Gordon
actress of Scttish descent, worked primarily in the US (1882-1963)
Leo White
German-American actor
Harry Tenbrook
American actor (1887-1960)
Jack Pennick
American film actor (1895-1964)
Edward Gargan
American actor (1902-1964)