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1942 film by William A. Wellman


Barbara Stanwyck
American actress
Joel McCrea
American actor (1905-1990)
Etta McDaniel
American actress (1890-1946)
Fred Toones
American actor (1906-1962)
George Irving
American actor, director (1874-1961)
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K. T. Stevens
American film and television actress (1919-1994)
Lloyd Corrigan
American actor (1900-1969)
Lucien Littlefield
actor (1895-1960)
Theodore von Eltz
actor (1893-1964)
Thurston Hall
actor (1882-1958)
William B. Davidson
American actor (1888-1947)
Lillian Yarbo
American actress (1905-1996)
Helen Lynd
American sociologist and social philosopher (1896-1982)
Mary Treen
American actress (1907-1989)
Fern Emmett
actress (1896-1946)