Add to watched The Abyss (1988)

1988 film directed by André Delvaux


Gian Maria Volonté
Italian actor (1933-1994)
Sami Frey
French actor
Anna Karina
Danish-French actress
Marie-France Pisier
French actress (1944-2011)
Mathieu Carrière
German actor
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Dora van der Groen
Belgian actress and director
Gaëtan Wenders
Belgian actor
Jacques Lippe
Belgian actor (1925-1990)
Jean Bouise
French actor
Johan Leysen
Belgian actor
Philippe Léotard
French singer and actor
Senne Rouffaer
Belgian television actor, film director and actor
Harry Cleven
Belgian film director
Pierre Vaneck
French actor
Belgian actor
Alexandre von Sivers
Belgian actor
Herbert Flack
Belgian actor