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1931 film by Cecil B. DeMille


Warner Baxter
American actor (1889-1951)
Lupe VĂ©lez
Mexican actress
Eleanor Boardman
American film actress (1898-1991)
Roland Young
actor (1887-1953)
Paul Cavanagh
actor (1888-1964)
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Raymond Hatton
American silent film actor (1887-1971)
Julia Faye
American actress (1892-1966)
Dickie Moore
American actor
Victor Potel
actor (1889-1947)
Kathryn Adams
actress (1893-1959)
Chrispin Martin
American actor
DeWitt Clarke Jennings
American actor
J. Farrell MacDonald
actor & Director (1875-1952)
Lawrence Grant
actor (1870-1952)
Lilian Bond
British actress (1908-1991)
Mitchell Lewis
American film actor (1880-1956)
Harry Northrup
French-American actor (1875-1936)