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1954 film by David Butler


Rex Harrison
English film and stage actor
Virginia Mayo
American actress
George Sanders
British film and television actor
Laurence Harvey
Lithuanian-born actor (1928-1973)
Robert Douglas
actor, director
Michael Pate
television actor
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Bruce Lester
actor (1912-2008)
Henry Corden
American actor
Lester Matthews
British actor (1900-1975)
Lumsden Hare
actor, director (1874-1964)
Nick Cravat
American actor
Paula Raymond
American actress (1924-2003)
Wilton Graff
American actor (1903-1969)
Leslie Bradley
British actor (1907-1974)
Peter J. Ortiz
United States Marine Corps officer (1913-1988)
Rudolph Anders
actor (1902-1987)