Add to watched An Alligator Named Daisy (1955)

1955 film by J. Lee Thompson


Donald Sinden
English actor
Jeannie Carson
English-born comedienne and actress
Diana Dors
English actress (1931-1984)
Stanley Holloway
English stage and film actor, comedian, singer, poet and monologist
Richard Wattis
actor (1912-1975)
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Roland Culver
actor (1900-1984)
Stephen Boyd
Northern Irish actor (1931-1977)
Wilfrid Lawson
British actor
Ernest Thesiger
actor (1879-1961)
Joan Hickson
British actress (1906-1998)
Henry Kendall
English stage and film actor (1897-1962)
Frankie Howerd
British actor (1917-1992)
Margaret Rutherford
English actress of the television, the theatre and the cinema
Martin Miller
Czech actor
Charles Carson
British actor (1885-1977)