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1946 film


Marsha Hunt
American film, theater, and television actress
John Carroll
American actor (1906-1979)
Hume Cronyn
Canadian-American actor
Spring Byington
American actress (1886-1971)
Norman Lloyd
American actor, producer & director
Donald Curtis
American actor (1915-1997)
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Cameron Mitchell
actor (1918-1994)
Don Brodie
American actor
Charles Sullivan
American actor (1899-1972)
Tom Kennedy
actor (1885-1965)
Fred Aldrich
American actor (1904-1979)
Esther Howard
American actress (1892-1965)
Dick Crockett
American actor and director (1915-1979)
Robert Emmett O'Connor
American film actor (1885-1962)
Ernie Adams
actor (1885-1947)
Harry Wilson
English character actor (1897-1978)
Garry Owen
American actor (1902-1951)
Paul Newlan
American actor (1903-1973)
Rose Plumer
Film actress (1876-1955)