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1936 film by Roy Del Ruth


George Raft
American actor
Rosalind Russell
American actress (1907–1976)
Leo Carrillo
American actor, vaudevillian, political cartoonist, and conservationist
Arline Judge
American actress (1912-1974)
Alan Dinehart
actor (1889-1944)
Arthur Hohl
American actor (1889-1964)
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Pierre Watkin
actor (1889-1960)
Stanley Fields
American actor (1883-1941)
Lynn Bari
American actress (1913-1989)
Sam Ash
American musician and actor (1884-1951)
Paul Hurst
American actor and film director (1888-1953)
Emmett Vogan
actor (1893-1969)
Harry C. Bradley
American Actor (1869-1947)
James Burke
American actor (1886-1968)
Jack Curtis
American actor of the silent era (1880-1956)
Selmer Jackson
American actor (1888–1971)
Harry Woods
American actor (1889-1968)
Charles Lane
American actor (1905-2007)
Edward Keane
actor (1884-1959)
Astrid Allwyn
Film, stage actress (1905-1978)
John Dilson
American actor (1891-1944)
George Irving
American actor, director (1874-1961)
Robert Emmett O'Connor
American film actor (1885-1962)
Frank Moran
American boxer and actor (1887-1967)
John Sheehan
American actor (1885-1952)
Herbert Heywood
actor (1881-1964)
Edward Cooper
English actor in Britain and Hollywood (1883-1956)