Add to watched Gabriel Over the White House

1933 American political fantasy film directed by Gregory La Cava


Walter Huston
Canadian actor and singer
Karen Morley
American film actress (1909-2003)
Franchot Tone
American stage and film actor
Samuel S. Hinds
actor (1875-1948)
Jean Parker
American actress
Oscar Apfel
actor, film director (1878-1938)
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Mischa Auer
Russian-born American actor
Henry Kolker
actor, Film director
Edward LeSaint
American actor (1870-1940)
Wilfrid North
Silent film director, actor and writer (1863-1935)
Akim Tamiroff
Russian-American movie actor
William Worthington
American silent film actor and director (1872-1941)
Dickie Moore
American actor
Arthur Byron
American actor
Claire Du Brey
actress (1892-1993)
David Landau
actor (1879-1935)
John Davidson
actor (1886-1968)
Emmett King
American actor (1865-1953)
Walter Walker
American actor (1864-1947)