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1937 film by Gregory Ratoff


George Sanders
British film and television actor
Peter Lorre
Austrian actor (1904-1964)
Virginia Field
British actress (1917-1992)
Sig Ruman
German-American actor
Joseph Schildkraut
actor (1896-1964)
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Lionel Atwill
English and American actor (1885-1946)
Fritz Feld
German-American actor (1900-1993)
Lester Matthews
British actor (1900-1975)
Gregory Gaye
actor (1900-1993)
Claude King
English character actor (1875-1941)
Frank Reicher
German actor and filmmaker
Holmes Herbert
English actor (1882-1956)
Lynn Bari
American actress (1913-1989)
Feodor Chaliapin
Russian actor (1905-1992)
Frank Puglia
Italian film actor (1892-1975)
Clyde Cook
vaudevillian and actor
Herbert Evans
British actor (1882-1952)
Bert Sprotte
German actor (1870-1949)