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1952 film by Poul Bang


Lily Broberg
Danish actress (1923-1989)
Ib Conradi
Danish actor
Inge Ketti
Danish actress
Dirch Passer
Danish actor
Buster Larsen
Danish actor (1920-1993)
Ib Schønberg
actor (1902-1955)
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Else Jarlbak
Kate Mundt
Danish actress
Gunnar Lauring
Danish actor (1905-1968)
Henry Nielsen
Danish actor (1890-1967)
Ove Sprogøe
Danish actor (1919-2004)
Valdemar Skjerning
Danish stage and film actor (1887-1970)
Ib Fürst
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Agnes Phister-Andresen
Danish actress
Inge-Lise Grue
Danish actress