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1929 film by Malcolm St. Clair


Tom Moore
Irish-American actor and film director (1883-1955)
Owen Moore
Irish-born actor in American films
Matt Moore
Irish-born American actor (1888-1960)
George Raft
American actor
Emma Dunn
Katherine Perry
American actress (1897-1983)
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Frank Sheridan
American actor (1869-1943)
Arthur Housman
American actor in films during both the silent film era and the Golden Age of...
Edwin August
actor, Film director, Screenwriter (1883-1964)
Irving Bacon
American character actor (1893-1965)
June Clyde
American singer, dancer, actress (1909-1987)
Heinie Conklin
actor (1886-1959)
Al Hill
American actor (1892-1954)