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1939 film by Alexander Hall


George Raft
American actor
Ellen Drew
film actress (1915-2003)
Hugh Herbert
Comedian, film actor
ZaSu Pitts
actress (1894-1963)
Louise Beavers
actress (1902-1962)
Forrester Harvey
Irish actor
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Edward Pawley
American actor (1901-1988)
Stanley Andrews
American actor (1891-1969)
George Melford
actor, director, screenwriter, producer (1877-1961)
Irving Bacon
American character actor (1893-1965)
James Flavin
American actor
Harry Tenbrook
American actor (1887-1960)
Charles C. Wilson
American actor (1894-1948)
Fern Emmett
actress (1896-1946)
Hal K. Dawson
American actor (1896-1987)
Charles Trowbridge
actor (1882-1967)
Frank Moran
American boxer and actor (1887-1967)
Gilbert Emery
American actor (1875-1945)