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1946 film by Edwin L. Marin


Jane Russell
American actress and model (1921-2011)
Louis Hayward
British actor born in South Africa
Faith Domergue
American actress
Kent Taylor
American actor
Penny Singleton
American actress (1908-2003)
Connie Gilchrist
American actress
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Cora Witherspoon
actress (1890-1957)
Marie Wilson
US actress (1916-1972)
Norman Lloyd
American actor, producer & director
Louise Beavers
actress (1902-1962)
Gerald Mohr
American radio, film and television character actor (1914-1968)
James Flavin
American actor
Charles Sullivan
American actor (1899-1972)
Walter Baldwin
American actor (1889-1977)
Steve Brodie
American actor (1919-1992)
William Newell
American film actor (1894-1967)
James Burke
American actor (1886-1968)
John Kelly
actor (1901-1947)