Add to watched Fifty Roads to Town

1937 film by Norman Taurog


Don Ameche
American actor
Ann Sothern
American actress (1909-2001)
Jane Darwell
John Qualen
Canadian-American actor of Norwegian origin (1899-1987)
Paul Hurst
American actor and film director (1888-1953)
Oscar Apfel
actor, film director (1878-1938)
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Russell Hicks
American actor (1895-1957)
Slim Summerville
actor & Director (1892-1946)
Stepin Fetchit
African-American actor
Douglas Fowley
actor (1911-1998)
Allan Lane
actor (1909-1973)
Alan Dinehart
actor (1889-1944)
Spencer Charters
actor (1875-1943)
John Hamilton
American actor (1887-1958)
DeWitt Clarke Jennings
American actor
Arthur Aylesworth
American actor